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  • Japan tourism always attracts the attention of many tourists in the world, including Vietnam.

    This harmonious combination has created breathtaking beautiful scenes and an extremely rich ecosystem to attract tourists. Besides, the creativity, ingenuity, industriousness, and discipline of the people have created unique art and architectural works, a culture that makes the world admire.

    So why should you travel to Japan at least once in your lifetime? Let VTL find out here for you.


    There are hundreds of volcanoes with the dangerous explosion that still work in Japan.
    The most typical is Mount Fuji, a famous tourist attraction symbol for Japanese tourism.
    In addition, the Japanese architecture has lasted more than 400 years, bringing many mysterious and ancient places that foreign tourists want to explore such as Tokyo Japan, Daigoji Temple, Jigokudani Park, Karachi Garden. Fuji ...
    Tourists usually visit Japan in the cherry blossom season to enjoy the beautiful flowers, the season welcomes a large number of tourists flocking here.

    Referring to the typical Japanese dishes, everyone will probably think of the famous Sushi dish around the world. Sushi in Japan is totally different from other countries' cuisines.
    Japanese cuisines are mainly raw fresh food, they prefer to use natural ingredients instead of adding flavor stimulating materials.

    Japan has a fairly simple lifestyle, they love the traditional beauty and the things of nature.
    The everyday life of the Japanese is neat, tidy, seemingly everything has been arranged. Awareness, responsibility, and affection among people in Japan are appreciated.
    The Japanese lifestyle is an inspiration for young people from other countries to learn from
    They are progressive and sensitive to changes in the world, high collective spirit, frugality, and hard work, .....

    Japan is a fairly populous country so the parking lots are limited. As a result, bicycles have become the main mean of transportation.
    You are free to use your bike to visit anywhere and park your car outside commercial centers, train stations or other areas.

    This is considered one of the "crazy" inventions in Japan.
    Instead of the usual rooms, rooms at Japanese hotels are designed as special accommodations.A
    They are shaped like capsules, so do not take too much space to build. These hotels are for everyone regardless of whether they are rich or poor, high or low status.

    Collected and designed by: Hoang Dung - VTL

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